What is another name for kinesthesis

Schopenhauer identifies these objectifications with the Platonic Ideas for a number of reasons. The tip of the tongue has some such points per square centimetre, and can detect two points only 1 mm apart.

Nuclear chain fibre also have annulospiral sensory endings in the central region the nuclei are in line. For example, when you cook dinner, taste can be affected by how the meal is presented, the type of smell it has and also how that food feels once you put it in your mouth.

A recent discussion of the neural mechanisms specifying wave length has been given by Granit These will be used to illustrate some of the leading principles that have emerged from such work.

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Relevant in this connection is the principle of centripetal determination of the level of sensitivity in terms of spindle length. Such a person not only avoids harming others, but actively tries to alleviate the suffering of others.

Sensation can judge equality with some precision, but ratios cannot be accurately estimated, even approximately. Even quality may in some systems be mapped out. At each relay, impulse frequency is translated at the cell membrane into miniature synaptic currents which can be recorded through microelectrodes introduced into the cell and connected to amplifiers as miniature potentials see Eccles ; Empirical knowledge of how the senses behave is extensive, but it only describes and does not explain.

Consequently the ethical point of view expresses a deeper knowledge than what is found in the ordinary manner of viewing the world. The chemical senses are the olfactory smell and gustatory taste sensations.

He published On the Will in Nature inwhich explained how new developments in the physical sciences served as confirmation of his theory of the will. Temperature is often wrongly judged, the sensation depending on contrasts and comparisons.

In the meantime his mother, who was by all accounts not happy in the marriage, used her newfound freedom to move to Weimar and become engaged in the social and intellectual life of the city. The contact senses are important in the development of the infant, especially the visual sense.

Relays and transmission At an earlier time, the different synaptic stations traversed by a message were regarded merely as relays, a loosely defined function quite apart from the complications alluded to above.

Acta physiologica scandinavica Stockholm 59 Supplement Complex and inconstant responses developing from integration of simultaneous sensory stimulation such as tactile, vestibular, visual, and auditory.


At its lowest grade, we see the will objectified in natural forces, and at its highest grade the will is objectified in the species of human being. Only in its highest objectifications, that is, only in animals, does this blind force become conscious of its own activity.

That was the purpose of me pretending as though I was cold and getting her to feel my arm to gauge my superficial temperature. The World as Will and Representation. Remarkably, the taste-sensitive cells have a limited lifetime, and are constantly being replaced.

What is another word for kinesthesis? Need synonyms for kinesthesis? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

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major reference. in human sensory reception: Kinesthetic (motion) sense. Even with the eyes closed, one is aware of the positions of his legs and arms and can perceive the movement of a limb and its direction.

The term kinesthesis (“feeling of motion”) has been coined for this sensibility. The psychological reaction to emotional trauma now has an established name: post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

It usually occurs after an extremely stressful event, such as wartime combat, a natural disaster, or sexual or physical abuse; its symptoms include depression, anxiety, flashbacks, and. Kinesthetic learning (American English), kinaesthetic learning (British English), or tactile learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

As cited by Favre (), Dunn and Dunn define kinesthetic learners as students. Kinesthesis definition, the sensation of movement or strain in muscles, tendons, and joints; muscle sense.

See more. The innermost part of the ear in many vertebrate animals, consisting of the cochlea, the semicircular canals, and the vestibule. Sound vibrations are transmitted from the cochlea of the inner ear to the brain by the auditory nerve.

What is another name for kinesthesis
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